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how can i help this hummingbird nest thrive?

30 May, 2010 (01:23) | hummingbird nest | By: admin

laid 2 eggs im in southren california & its unusually cold here in mid spring & i bought one of those plant things that hang upside down what flowers should i use & what can i do to make them more comfortable Hummingbirds are amazing at surviving in cold weather. Even though many migrate there […]

Is the atmosphere inside a Hummingbird nest relaxing or highstrung?

12 January, 2010 (16:16) | hummingbird nest | By: admin

F important, from admin.: read the third post down from Bill Hilton Jr. to get the correct facts about hummingbirds-thank you Bill for taking the time!  Be sure to visit his website! How old do Hummingbirds live til? Hummingbirds – weigh about 20 grams (correction-3 grams)each and have brains the size of a grain of […]