Hummingbirds Eating and How to Make Their Food.

Hummingbirds Eating and How to Make Their Food.

24 March, 2010 (07:21) | hummingbird food | By: admin

These are some of my California Hummers. I have 6 feeders that they empty in just a few days. Most of my hummingbirds stay all year.
I use 2 cups of white sugar to 2 quarts of water. First start with a clean feeder. When making the food… add about 2 cups of super hot water in a 2 qt. pitcher to dissolve the sugar, stir until you see no more crystals in the water, then add the cold water and stir again. Fill your feeders and store left overs covered in the fridge. No need for food color, I don’t use food coloring anymore, I read that it’s bad for the birds. After a week, dump out any left over food that your birds haven’t eater and wash your hummingbird feeder, then refill with fresh food. Hummers can smell bad food and won’t come back. If you allow the feeders to empty and don’t refill them often, they won’t come back either. You have to stay on top of cleanliness and refilling your feeders. If you see black mold forming, don’t use soap, use white vinegar to clean the container and rinse well. You don’t want your hummers getting sick or taking back rancid food to their babies., Hyummingbirds are very territorial and will protect the feeder from other hummers causing a lot of fighting over the feeder, If you see this happening all the time, it’s best to set up another feeder around the corner or away from the first feeder. You will have much happier birds this way. I guess that’s how I ended up with 6 feeders. LOL

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