How to make hummingbird food.

How to make hummingbird food.

20 March, 2010 (00:50) | hummingbird food | By: admin

Jacob (7 yrs. old) explains how to make hummingbird food.

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  • what is the right mix for hummingbird food?I have two feeders that are red already, so I don’t want to add dye, I just need to know how much water to sugar ratio. The proper solution should consist of 1 part of sugar and 4 parts of water. Honey or juice may be dangerous for these creatures; color supplements are toxic. My mother in law makes
  • how do I make hummingbird food ? Don’t know about everyone else, but I would much rather have a nice sweet chocolate bar instead of a granola bar.. And so would your hummers. My recipe, which has been used for a number of years and seems to attract many visitors to my feeder, is to take 3 cups of water and heat up the water on the
  • is premade hummingbird food (first nature) bad for them?!?!?I was told that its better to mix your own hummingbird food because its better for them whereas the premade stuff can rot their beaks off. i trust my sources but id like someone elses opinion Yes, you don’t know what’s in bought hummingbird food, so if you wanted to be safer, make your own. Beaks wi

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