Hummingbird Window Feeder

Hummingbird Window Feeder

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Hummingbird Window Feeder|Choosing The Best Hummingbird Window Feeder

hummingbird window feeder

A hummingbird window feeder would be a great addition to your house, as it will bring the hummingbirds right up close where you can get a great view of them. A hummingbird window feeder is the best way to get supper close. It is easy to see them through your window and if you have a hummingbird window feeder with a perch, they will sit still as they feed and you will have the best view possible!

There are different styles of hummingbird window feeders and a few different things to consider when choosing one. The main considerations in choosing a hummingbird window feeder, are listed below

  1. insect resistant
  2. red color-to attract hummingbird
  3. non-leaking– a leaking feeder is the best way to attract ants and other insects
  4. easy to clean– a dirty feeder won’t attract hummingbirds
  5. has a perch – a perch will give you a good view of the hummingbirds
  6. rain guard– to keep out water that will dilute your nectar

Here is a hummingbird window feeder that has all of those features, which makes it the best window feeder that you can get.

This is the Jewel Box feeder by Aspects, makers of the HummZinger line of feeders. This feeder has a built in ant moat that you fill with water and since ants cannot swim, it will keep the ants away from your feeder.

You will notice that the flowers on top of the feeder are red, and molded in. The yellow flowers found on most feeders will attract bees and wasps to your feeder. These red flowers won’t. Also, being raised and molded in, these flowers will divert the rain water and keep it out of your hummingbird nectar. Rain water in your hummingbird nectar, will dilute the hummingbird food and make it less attractive to your hummingbirds.

This is a basin type hummingbird window feeder, that will not leak, like inverted bottle type feeders will. The bottle style feeders will have a bottle-like container that will screw into the base of the feeder. The problem with the inverted bottle type of humming feeder is that when the weather gets hot, the airspace created when the nectar level goes down, heats and expands, which will push the hummingbird nectar out of the feeding ports and onto the outside of the feeder, where it can attract bees, ants and wasps.

The top of this window hummingbird feeder comes off, giving you easy access to the inside of the feeder so that it will be easy to clean. You must keep your feeder clean if you want to attract hummingbirds. Click on this link cleaning hummingbird feeder for more information on cleaning your hummingbird feeder and when to change the nectar. Changing the hummingbird nectar is a very important task, to be successful at attracting hummingbirds. If it is not changed on time, it will get moldy and contaminate your nectar. So please read the article to find out how to do it.

Also, this Jewel Box feeder has a high perch, that will keep the hummingbirds up where you will have a good view of them. As I said, this feeder has it all, and is the best hummingbird window feeder you can get. Click the link hummingbird window feeder to go to to make your purchase, you won’t be sorry!

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