Aspect HummZinger Excel Bird Feeder

Aspect HummZinger Excel Bird Feeder

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Aspect HummZinger Excel Bird Feeder|The Ultimate Hummingbird Feeder

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Aspects HummZinger Excel bird feeder

Aspects HummZinger Excel bird feeder

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The HummZinger Excell not only has beautiful styling, but is so easy to clean up. So, it is no wonder that the HummZinger Mini & HummZinger Excel are our most preferred of all the HummZinger hummingbird feeders. They are manufactured of virtually unbreakable ultra violet stabilized polycarbonate. Both feeders have a built-in wrap around perch that will encourage hummingbirds to stay and feed for a longer time, giving you the maximum viewing enjoyment! They both have a solid brass stem and built-in ant moat that adds to the Lifetime Guarantee quality of both these hummingbird feeder designs. The HummZinger Excel will double both the nectar capacity and feeding ports of the HummZinger mini. And you get a Lifetime Guarantee!

And don’t forget the built in ant moat that comes with all HummZinger hummingbird feeders. The ant moat is one of the most valuable features of the HummZinger Excel hummingbird feeder. Ants getting into your hummingbird nectar, will no longer be a problem!

FEATURES of the Aspect HummZinger Excel Bird Feeder

* Lifetime Guarantee
* Large 16 oz. nectar capacity
* 6 feeding ports for lots of hummingbirds
* Bee & ant resistant…ant moat
* Easiest to clean hummingbird feeder
* Includes brass rod for hanging the feeder
* Raised ports divert rain water to prevent dilution of nectar
* Top-rack dishwasher-safe construction

This review is from: Aspect HummZinger Excel Bird Feeder
This feeder has to be the absolute best hummingbird feeder on the market today! It’s made of LEXAN and can either be pole mounted or hung by its sturdy brass hanging rod. It’s the easiest to clean hummingbird feeder, because the interior of the feeder is completely accessible, no hidden parts that require a bottle brush for cleaning. It doesn’t drip, it has a built-in ant moat, the hummingbird nectar recipe is molded right into the inside cover of the feeder, bees can’t get into the nectar, and the hummingbirds love it too! I have 6 of these hummingbird feeders and can attest to their durability. Several of my feeders are several years old and they are still going strong. Other bird species besides hummers land on the hanging rod and slide down to drink the water from the ant moat. You just CANNOT go wrong buying this feeder. Get several feeders and put them in different spots around your yard.

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