how can i attract hummingbirds in FL

how can i attract hummingbirds in FL

30 May, 2010 (01:23) | how to attract hummingbirds | By: admin

hi i live in florida and want to set up a little garden area by my moms sink window what plants will attract hummingbird. what else would help ive seen humming bird feeders any good?

Here’s a list of flowers that attract hummingbirds. Liatris is a good choice for Florida. Hummingbird feeders also work well.

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Time May 30, 2010 at 7:03 am

Bright colors of flowers. Plant butterfly bushes that can be found at your local nurseries and gardening centers. Ask a clerk to help you find these bushes.
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Time May 30, 2010 at 7:52 am

Ruby-throated, Rufous, Black-chinned, Calliope, Cuban Emerald, Bahama Woodstar, Buff-bellied, Anna’s. These are the hummingbird’s you can expect to attract in Florida. We only have four in our state.

Just about any feeder will work to attract hummingbirds. I use water prepared for these birds. That recipe is one part sugar and four parts water let it boil for five minutes(more or less depending on how much you are making) cool and fill feeders. No food coloring is needed.
For years I fought ants on my feeder now I use castor oil on the hook and the hook that is attached to the feeder. Change the water about once a week, especially in hot weather. Reapply castor oil on hook.

If you really get into hummers you can find plants and bushed to plant in your yard to attract even more. I have a feeder attached on my window it is really great to watch them that close.
I can’t cover all there is to know so I am including a link to my favorite hummingbird site look it over. You’ll love it watching the little jewels in the sky.
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Time May 30, 2010 at 8:42 am

Here’s a list of flowers that attract hummingbirds. Liatris is a good choice for Florida. Hummingbird feeders also work well.
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