Keep Ants Out Of The Hummingbird Feeder

Keep Ants Out Of The Hummingbird Feeder

20 February, 2011 (19:35) | controlling hummingbird feeder pests | By: admin

Keep Ants Out Of The Hummingbird Feeder with An Ant Moat

In the event you are looking for an answer to keeping ants out of your hummingbird feeder,  then you’re in just the proper  location. An ant moat is all you ought to need to keep ants from getting to your hummingbird feeder and getting  into your nectar, where they’ll die, decompose and contaminate your hummingbird food. Then you will have to discard the nectar and add fresh hummingbird food to your feeder.

An ant moat is really a very simple  container that you’ll hang between the hook you attach your feeder to and also the feeder itself. The ant moats for hummingbird feeders are filled with water. Because ants can’t swim, the water will offer a barrier which will continue to keep  the ants from getting  into your nectar.

A few of the much better feeders come with ant moats built right  into the feeder itself. Take a look at the Hummzinger feeder at the bottom of the page to see 1  feeder having a built in ant moat. In the event you have a normal hummingbird feeder that doesn’t have an ant moat, you are able to just add a moat to it. Below is an ant moat which will do the job of keeping ants away from your hummingbird feeder.

Trap-It Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeders

ant moat Buy Now

Product Description

The first and still the best way to keep ants out of the hummingbird feeder, and to protect your hummingbird and Oriole feeder from ants and other crawling insects. Insert the Trap-IT ant moat between hanger and hummingbird feeder and fill with  water. This ant moat/ant barrier, will provide providing a barrier to crawling pests. The red color of the ant barrier will also be useful in attracting hummingbirds.

If you would like to purchase a hummingbird feeder with an ant moat built right into the  feeder, check out the feeder below. The HummZinger hummingbird feeder, is also loaded with other great features that make it the best hummingbird feeder you can buy.

Here is the best way to Keep Ants Out Of The Hummingbird Feeder and to “Stop Ants Getting To Hummingbird Feeder“….. buy the feeder below:

Aspects 12oz Humzinger Ultra With Nectar Guard

hummingbird feeder
The HummZinger Ultra is inexpensive and  has several other great features that  makes it well worth the price.

TheHumzinger Ultra hummingbird feeder, has patented Nectar guard tips which are flexible membranes attached to the feed ports of the feeder, that prohibit entry from flying insects, but allow Hummingbirds to feed as usual. It keeps the insects out of your nectar, but allows the hummingbirds in. The HummZinger also has a built in ant moat or ant barrier, as it is sometimes called, that will stop crawling insects from getting to the nectar. It also has raised flower ports that divert rain. Diverting the rain water is an important feature that will keep your nectar from becoming diluted and thus, less attractive to the hummingbirds.

This mid-size nectar feeder has a 12 oz. capacity and can be hung or post mounted with hardware provided. It has four feeding ports for hummingbirds and is made of unbreakable polycarbonate.

Cleaning hummingbird feeder: It will come apart in the middle giving you full access to the inside and no hidden surfaces that will be hard to clean. Click the cleaning hummingbird feeder link for info on the proper cleaning of your feeder.

This would be my first choice in hummingbird feeders. For ease of cleaning and protection from bees, wasps and ants, this HummZinger Ultra feeder can’t be beat.

Order the Humzinger Ultra today and solve all of your feeder problems at the same time.Buy Now

I hope you enjoyed this Keep Ants Out Of The Hummingbird Feeder article.

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